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Dear Reinhard Resch, 

thank you very much for the effort! 

I'm new to the MBDyne community, so I'm not quite sure how this mailing
list works (if everyone sees every mail), but I have responded to my
original mail with the problem description, that I solved it just by
starting the installation from the terminal opened in the Home
directory, and then for some reason the installation went smoothly (as
you can guess, I'm a Linux rookie also). 

So the problem is actually solved, but still I am really grateful for
your effort to help me. 

Best regards, 


Dana 03.09.2023 11:05, MBDyn users list je napisao(la): 

> Dear Mate Basic,
> I don't know exactly what was the root cause of this issue, but I have 
> tried to fix it on this branch:
> https://public.gitlab.polimi.it/DAER/mbdyn/-/tree/fix-compilation-without-LAPACK [1]With those changes it should be possible to compile MBDyn, even if 
> LAPACK is not available. Please let me know if it works for you!
> Reinhard Resch
> On 29.08.23 09:05, MBDyn users list wrote:
>> Mate Bašić
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[2] https://mail.mbdyn.org/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/mbdyn-users
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