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Thu Mar 17 13:16:06 CET 2022

Dear List,

I'm trying to run some of the wind turbine examples provided on the 
mbdyn website, but getting mixed success. I'm using the examples from 
this page:



This is the example of the CART

This example is missing the file naca0012.c81 and won't run without it. 
This file is present in other examples on this page:


so I was able to add it.

Then if I run without changing, I get the following error:

template drive caller 4300 is undefined at line 282, file 
MBDynParser::~MBDynParser: manipulators' stack not empty
An error occurred during the execution of MBDyn; aborting...

It is needed to add the keyword 'single' to line 282 for the Template 
drive caller.

After this it runs.


This has similar issues to the CART example

for example on line 58 of the following files the 'single' keyword must 
be added




The 'rotor' keyword is also needed on line 267 of


However, even with these issues resolved, I still get an error from 
MBdyn when I try to run the main input file which is


I just get the following error:

An error occurred during the execution of MBDyn; aborting...

with no further information, even with verbosity set to 3 (-PPP).

I'm using recently compiled mbdyn from the master branch on Gitlab on Linux.

Can anyone suggest what the problem might be with the NREL example?

Best regards,

Richard Crozier
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