[MBDyn-users] Was:Curved membranes to fit straight beams => relax membrane

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Sun Feb 13 16:58:14 CET 2022

You are seeing an highly chaotic dynamics. Artificially damp the system
changing the integrator asymptotic radius (I don't think you are interested into the sail dynamic);
as an added bonus you'll also be able to significantly increase the time step (up to 1e-1)

begin: initial value;
	initial time: 0;
	final time: 1.;
	time step: 1e-2;
	method: ms, 0.;
	tolerance: 1e-5;
	max iterations: 10;
	nonlinear solver: line search, default solver options, heavy nonlinear, divergence check, no;
	output: iterations, solver condition number, stat, yes;
         derivatives max iterations: 10;
	threads: disable;
         linear solver: umfpack, scale, row max column max, always, max iterations, 10;
end: initial value;


set: real MoveDist = 0.5;

Let me know,


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