[MBDyn-users] Was:Curved membranes to fit straight beams => relax membrane

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Sun Feb 13 13:34:36 CET 2022

Thank you Marco for the information,

I see that for larger displacements, I can have convergence to strange 
solutions. The solutions does not looks physically plausible. The 
menbrane being shifted to one side or to the other, when the minimum 
should roughtly be in the middle.

I need to investigate a bit more...

Is there a way to see the resulting stress/tension in the different 
membrane elements ?

Best regards,


Le 13/02/2022 à 10:43, MBDyn users list a écrit :
> Try reducing the timestep. Bringing it down to 1.E-4
> allows your testcase to run.
> Marco
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