[MBDyn-users] MBDyn-preCISE-openfoam possibly suitable for sails simulation?

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Wed Nov 10 18:42:21 CET 2021

Hi Jean Marc,

I think it is doable in principle. At the moment I see some minor issues 
in defining a complex shape. I have made a preCICE adapted for MBDyn and 
I am coupling it mainly with OpenFOAM.

I am looking for interesting applications involving membranes or shells 
and I would be really interested in collaborating. If you want we can 
get in touch (claudiogiovanni.caccia at polimi.it) .

kind regards


> Hello,
> I'm an hobbyist sailor and landsailor, interested in science and sails
> design. Our small landyachts have quite flexible tubes as free standing
> masts. Exemple here:
> https://www.saint-brevin.com/championnat-d-europe-de-blokart.html .
> To study this type of freestanding rig, FSI is really important as there
> is a lot aeroelasticity. Browsing internet for some month now,
> MBDyn-PreCISE-Openfoam looks to me a suitable candidate to simulate this
> type of configuration. MBDyn seems to me to offer the "integration" of
> the mast (beam) + sail (membrane) + battens (beams), and perform the
> structural part. OpenFOAM for the fluid part. I had a look at the papers
> on soft kites simulations, that look promising.
> I'm for sure not in my comfort zone to try to simulate this. So I know
> that, as a hobby, I will have to invest a LOT of time to do something.
> So I'm looking for a confirmation / warning, from those who know about
> MBdyne, if it is a good candidate for my prospect, or if not so much ?
> Are there known "limitations" I will bump into for that type of
> application?
> I have unfortunatly found no previous similar application, and (very
> expensive) commercial packages seem to dominate the market.
> Feedback very welcomed !
> Best regards,
> Jean-Marc
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