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They are nonlinear viscoelastic constitutive laws.  They do not 
represent any specific behavior. Use them whenever they meet your needs 
in terms of trade-off between generality and effectiveness.  If they are 
not general enough, you can try with the symbolic viscoelastic 
constitutive law.

Sincerely, p.

Il 03/11/21 12:10, MBDyn users list ha scritto:
> Dear members of MBDyn,
> I appreciate your help and guidance that often you have given me.
> I would like to know the proper meaning of two laws that I have 
> noticed in the manual of MBDYn: the nlsf and nlp visocelastic laws. 
> What do they represent concretely? How and when may they be used?
> Thank you for your help and guidance.
> Sincerely,
> Antonio
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