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Yes.  In the original problem, there was a linear (viscous laminar) 
damper in parallel with the actuator.  This is something you often find 
in simple models for hydraulic actuators, a linear viscous element in 
parallel with the actuator itself, that is used to account for residual 
friction, for example of the sealings, or so (see for example Merritt, 
"Hydraulic Control Systems", 1967).

Sincerely, p.

Il 03/11/21 10:07, MBDyn users list ha scritto:
> Dear Members of MBDyn,
> I thank you for your previous help and guidance. I have a question 
> again about the actuator example . In the file, there is a joint with 
> the following properties:
> joint: ACTUATOR+3, rod,
> 		ACTUATOR, ACTUATOR+1, from nodes,
> 		linear viscous, 2.5e3;
> I wonder what is the physical meaning of this rod joint; does it 
> represent the dynamic friction coefficient?
> Thank you for your kind attention.
> Best Regards,
> Antonio
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