[MBDyn-users] Keen to work contribute to MBDyn, possibly through GSOC, over summer

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Dear Dhruv Jain,

thank you for your interest and welcome.  Please make sure you read and 
follow these instructions 

We are looking forward to receiving your formal application.  Feel free 
to discuss your proposal with us in more detail.

Sincerely, p.

Il 30/03/21 02:08, MBDyn users list ha scritto:
> Greetings!
> I am Dhruv Jain, M.S. Aeronautical and Astronautical Engineering 
> student at Purdue University and a member of the Multi-Body Dynamics 
> Research Group led by Prof. Kathleen Howell. I graduated with B.S.AAE 
> and minor in Astronomy from Purdue University with the highest 
> distinction in Dec'20. During my undergraduate journey, I was 
> fortunate to work on multiple projects, for viz. ADCS simulator for a 
> CubeSat with PMAC capability and PID controller for Spacecraft 
> docking. My research focus is Astrodynamics, especially low thrust 
> trajectory transfers.
> I recently came across MBDyn project and I would love to contribute to 
> it over the summer, possibly through GSOC. I am particularly keen to 
> work on the Automatic Differentiation project idea, as I have 
> firsthand experienced how cumbersome constructing a large Jacobian 
> matrix can be and heard from my peers about the boon of automatic 
> differentiation.
> I am currently installing the mbdyn files and configuring them. I hope 
> to make some solid progress in the entry test in the upcoming days so 
> that I have a strong standing to be considered as a candidate for GSOC 
> before the deadline.
> Warm Regards,
> Dhruv Jain
> Multi-Body Dynamics Research Group
> School of Aeronautics & Astronautics
> Purdue University
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