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Hi Nishant,

GSoC is a great opportunity to develop high-quality code and get in touch
with the open-source community. About MBDyn, I haven't been in touch
anymore. My advice to you is to reach the community and ask for guidance.
It usually requires some entry test to work with any open-source groups,
but it is not a rule of thumb. For mbdyn you might have to do.

Here is some information regarding mbdyn-GSoC:

Also, there is some documentation on the link you just shared, but I advise
you to check in their website guides (
https://www.mbdyn.org/?Developers_corner). You might find better
instructions there. As you might note, I used Linux. I am not sure if you
can compile on windows. It might be a way as well with the right
requirements. Please, reach the community for their help. They would give
you better directions. I am cc'ing their community email.

Good luck on the journey,

Erivelton Gualter
Graduate Research Assistant
Control, Robotics and Mechatronics Laboratory
Cleveland State University
e.gualterdossantos at vikes.csuohio.edu

On Tue, Mar 23, 2021 at 2:09 PM Nishant Kumar <nisnym at gmail.com> wrote:

>  Hello,
> This is Nishant Kumar, currently in 3rd year of my engineering degree and
> looking to contribute to some good open-source projects.
> I came across your blog post, Link:
> https://eriveltongualter.github.io/GSoC2019-MBDyn/entry-test.html
> I got to know about GSOC and how it can help students to learn about open
> source programs. So by browsing through all the other great organizations,
> I find MBDyn quite a likable project. But sadly over the internet, I didn't
> find any good source to learn about it. Even hardly any good video content
> on Youtube too. If possible can you please guide me a little bit about how
> to learn about it and go on to explore more about it?
> Also, while installing it I faced some issues the make is not working.
> Getting this *bash: make: command not found.*
> I'm on a windows(10) machine. I will be very thankful to you for helping
> me.
> Hoping to hear from you soon.
> Thank you.
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