[MBDyn-users] GSoC-2021 initial contact

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Thu Mar 11 06:29:11 CET 2021

Hello MBDyn team,
I am Satyam Kumar, second year Computer Science and Engineering student at
National Institute of Technology Hamirpur, India.

I am determined to contribute to the MBDyn community. I am planning to
apply at MBDyn for GSoC 2021.

As per instructions, I installed Ubuntu on my PC. I have a Windows system,
so I am using Oracle VM Box for using Ubuntu. I followed the steps present
on MBDyn website to install the software. I successfully installed the
software and ran my first test file. The link to the input and output files
are here <https://github.com/skdbsp123/MBDyn-Files>. I have used the case
of freely falling object under the effect of gravity and having initial
horizontal velocity of 3 units per sec.

I would like to know the further instructions to make my chances better for
GSoC. I am looking forward to hearing from you.

Thank you
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