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As far as I can tell, you need to instruct MBDyn about sending 
orientation data using the "orientation" parameter in the external 
structural force element. For the Euler vector, you need to use 
"orientation, orientation vector"; other options are available.

Correspondingly, in the Python interface you need to use rot = 0x100; 
other options are available; see libraries/libmbc/mbc.h


Il 23/06/21 19:07, MBDyn users list ha scritto:
> Hi everyone,
> I am coupling my MBDyn script via the python interface of MBDyn to 
> another solver. Therefore I am communicating via the 
> mbc_py_interface.py 
> <https://public.gitlab.polimi.it/DAER/mbdyn/-/blob/develop/libraries/libmbc/mbc_py_interface.py> file. 
> Calling the array /n_x/, I am getting data for every node. As well, I 
> am finding values in /n_f,/ /n_x_size/ and /n_f_size/.
> Now trying to get the angular orientation of the nodes, I am calling 
> /n_theta/, which gives me an empty object. The variable /n_theta_size/ 
> has the value 0.
> Do you know, why the interface doesn't provide data for the /n_theta/ 
> array?
> If you are interested, you can find my MBDyn script here 
> <https://gist.github.com/JulianSchl/bdcb410fa6b8baddfb1a44b342fd8d85>.
> Thank you!
> Julian
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