[MBDyn-users] Empty Array n_theta in Python Interface

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Wed Jun 23 19:07:18 CEST 2021

Hi everyone,

I am coupling my MBDyn script via the python interface of MBDyn to another solver. Therefore I am communicating via the mbc_py_interface.py<https://public.gitlab.polimi.it/DAER/mbdyn/-/blob/develop/libraries/libmbc/mbc_py_interface.py> file. Calling the array n_x, I am getting data for every node. As well, I am finding values in n_f, n_x_size and n_f_size.

Now trying to get the angular orientation of the nodes, I am calling n_theta, which gives me an empty object. The variable n_theta_size has the value 0.

Do you know, why the interface doesn't provide data for the n_theta array?

If you are interested, you can find my MBDyn script here<https://gist.github.com/JulianSchl/bdcb410fa6b8baddfb1a44b342fd8d85>.

Thank you!

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