[MBDyn-users] "building" mbdyn on Ubuntu 18.04 [WSL2]

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Tue Jan 5 10:08:29 CET 2021

Dear Pushkar Sheth,

If "make install" succeeds without error messages, everything should be OK.

By default mbdyn will be installed under /usr/local/mbdyn/bin. So, if 
you want to start it using the bash shell, use

export PATH=/usr/local/mbdyn/bin:${PATH}

That line could be added to your ~/.bashrc initialization file. In that 
case it will be executed every time you start the bash shell.

Best regards,


On 05.01.21 07:54, MBDyn users list wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to build (and eventually install) MBDyn on Ubuntu 18.04 
> [on Windows Subsystem for Linux 2].
> How to make sure that the build is successful and no dependencies are 
> missing?
> It performed "make" and "make install" operations but after that 
> "mbdyn" is still not a known command for the terminal.
> Best,
> Pushkar Sheth
> Bengaluru, India.
> [Note: this is the first time posting in the MBDyn forum. Apologies if 
> I have missed any rules]
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