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Thank you,

Very helpful and quick to reply.

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Hi Antonio,

you can find two examples in the MBDyn source folder:


grossly what they contain are lists of angle of attacks, as 3 rows: first the CL, then CD, and then CM.
The columns are the Mach numbers.
You can then adapt these files to your needs by scripting a conversion from, for example, xfoil, CFD, literature,... You have to get the data for the Reynolds numbers that suit you (or simulate Reynolds based on the column Mach number...)

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Dear Members of MBDyn,

I am thankful for all your help and guidance you have given me in this period.

I have a question rather connected with aerodynamic beam elements. I would like to know how to introduce lift and drag coefficient in my model, using airfoils. I have noticed there is a proper format which is called c81. Is there a proper way to use c81, having proper airfoils of angles of attack, lift coefficients and drag coefficients? What about the format of the airfoils?

Thank you for your kind attention.

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