[MBDyn-users] question about flow rate in the actuator system

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Thu Aug 5 15:10:33 CEST 2021

Dear members of MBDyn,

after the previous topic on the orifice, still regarding the actuator, I have tried to rotate the actuator, imposing an orientation of 90° (which means the actuator is perpendicular to the blade). I am now trying to impose a flow rate that is changing according to a sinusoidal law, to obtain a realistic behaviour of an actuator effect. I have noticed however that the simulation does not work properly with maximum iterations error.

The differences with the example of the actuator, as I have already mentioned, are:

-the position of the ground node of the actuator (ACTUATOR)
-the orientation of the actuator system (in this case the actuator is oriented at 90°)
-there is a sinusoidal flow rate at PIPE_START

As alternative of the actuator systems, are there other options with similar behaviour to the actuator (such as spring etc.)?

Thank you for your kind attention, patience, and consideration.

Best Regards,


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