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Fri Jan 10 14:09:54 CET 2020

Dear Richard,

I don't know how to get the output in netcdf. But here is an example how to do it with text output:

	structural: 2001, dynamic,

	structural: 2002, dynamic, 

	drive caller: 1001,
		node rotation, node1, 2001, node2, 2002, 
		output, value, yes, derivative, yes;

mbdyn -f <mbdyn_model> -o <output_file> >& /dev/null &

tail -f <output_file>.drv | awk -F ' ' '/^1001/ {print $2, $3}'

The output will be the value and the first derivative of drive caller 1001 once for each time step.

Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
Reinhard Resch

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Dear List,

Is there any way to get output the value of a drive during simulation for debugging purposes? Into the netcdf file would be ideal if possible.

Best regards,

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