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Mon Aug 31 06:52:17 CEST 2020

Dear all, 

I met a problem when I used the external structural force module with python API.

(1)The solver stopped at the first time step t = 0.001s and the API showed the following information:
cmd to peer: 7 (NEGOTIATION)
cmd from peer: 8 (OK)
cmd from peer: 2 (REGULAR_DATA)
cmd to peer: 2 (REGULAR_DATA)
cmd from peer: 5 (ABORT)
got ABORT from peer
Exiting StructureSolver

I think the right output should be REGULAR_DATA_AND_NEXT_STEP. Am I right?

(2)The log file showed that
Eq       273:                    0 AxialRotationJoint(11): position constraint Pz
Eq       274:                    0 AxialRotationJoint(11): orientation constraint gx
Eq       275:                    0 AxialRotationJoint(11): orientation constraint gy
Eq       276:                    0 AxialRotationJoint(11): angular velocity constraint wz
	Iteration(0) 103.805
		SolErr 0
An error occurred during the execution of MBDyn; aborting... 

There was no hints about this error and I don't know where the error came from. Is it related with convergency settings? Can anybody help me? Attached is the cantilever model and complete log files. Thanks for your attention!

Best regards,

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