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On 7/24/19 09:41, MBDyn users list wrote:
Dear list,

I am using a coupling between Openfoam and Mbdyn using a socket to communicate the fields.
I get the following error in Mbdyn:

StructExtForce(50000): recv() failed (got 36544 of 69192 bytes)
An error occurred during the execution of MBDyn; aborting...

My guess is that the socket is not big enough because for smaller mesh it is working fine.
It looks like it is recv() function which is causing the problem (in /mbdyn-1.7.3/mbdyn/struct/strext.cc) , any idea to allow bigger size for this function ?
Can I increase the bufsize ?

The size of expected data should match that of the buffer, which in turn is dynamically sized and allocated based on what and how many data are expected.

I'd first investigate how you're setting up the communication and actually passing the data.  Are you using MBDyn's libmbc either directly in C or through some wrapping (C++, F77, Python)?  Are you adhering to the calling conventions?  Can you guarantee that the behavior differs only in terms of mesh size?


Any ideas ?



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