[MBDyn-users] output results netcdf 'sync' keyword

Pierangelo Masarati pierangelo.masarati at polimi.it
Wed May 23 10:30:49 CEST 2018

Use "sync" if you need to perform multiple *read* accesses during 
*write* (e.g. to plot results while the simulation is running)


On 05/23/2018 10:09 AM, Louis Gagnon wrote:
> Dear Richard,
> The sync option is used by the netcdf output to allow the user to read 
> the file during the simulation. It forces netcdf to "sync" the file at 
> each timestep.
> It is not used for text output.
> Kind regards,
> -Louis
> On 23/05/2018 09:53, Richard Crozier wrote:
>> Dear All,
>> The "output results" option has a keyword option "sync" which is not 
>> documented in the manual. I assume this option is related to the C 
>> API nc_sync function, but could anyone explain what exactly the 
>> option does?
>> Regards,
>> Richard

Pierangelo Masarati
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
Politecnico di Milano

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