[MBDyn-users] Nonlinear dynamics of point mass on elastic catenary

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Mon Mar 19 10:21:09 CET 2018

Dear Panos,

Welcome to the MBDyn mailing list.

First of all, MBDyn is not finite element software as in the more 
general sense of calculating the stresses and strains in tridimensional 
bodies. MBDyn is a multibody dynamics software.

It does however have a beam element which uses the finite volume 
approach to compute deformations, stresses, and natural frequencies.

If by catenary, you are looking to do something like this: 
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EzoHrf-RoUE and have a sliding element 
attached to it, it is feasible in MBDyn.

As for friction, there are friction functions in MBDyn, but they are not 
implemented in every element yet and thus the amount of work involved 
depends on what exactly you are looking to achieve.

Finally, as for SfePy, I do not know this software so I can't evaluate 
it comparatively. I seem to understand it is a finite element package...

Kind regards,


On 16-Mar-2018 06:33 PM, Panos Athanasiadis wrote:
> Dear engineers,
> Is MBDyn superior to SfePy?
> I am asking this because I am trying to understand which software 
> package best fits my needs.
> I have a solid background as a physicist and I am also versed in Python 
> for scientific computing,
> though, I am a novice regarding the use of finite elements. I am 
> interested in modelling the dynamics
> (initial value problem) of an elastic catenary with a point mass 
> attached to it through a sliding link with
> friction. I presume I should begin with a simpler problem. Any help 
> would be very much appreciated.
> I would be happy to pay for instruction, if applicable.
> I can also travel to Milano :-)
> Thanks a lot,
> Panos
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