[MBDyn-users] MBDyn Implementation of custom constitutive law module

Andrea Zanoni a.zanoni.mbdyn at gmail.com
Fri Oct 14 14:44:55 CEST 2016

Hi Antonio,

the contr-contact module enables, as you have mentioned, a type of
constitutive law for 1D and 3D deformable elements.
So there's no need to define a loadable element, once you have correctly
loaded the module you cam just use the "continuous contact" constitutive
laws wherever they are needed.

See the attached example as reference.


2016-10-14 11:38 GMT+02:00 Antonio Sidoti <antosidoti at gmail.com>:

> Hello MBDyn community,
> I am trying to simulate a rigid body colliding with a wall using the
> continuous-contact custom module available in the modules/ folder. To do
> that I tried to build mbdyn (version 1.7.1, Ubuntu 16.04 LTS) doing the
> following
> ./configure --enable-runtime-loading
> and after that
> ./ configure --with-module=module-cont-contact LDFLAGS=-rdynamic
> as written in the FAQ (the logs are attached but everything seems to be
> fine and the ltdl library should be detected correctly).
> In the input file I just added the following lines in the element section
> to get some extra information about the module as it was suggested on the
> manual.
>              module load: "libmodule-cont-contact";
>              loadable: GROUND,                        #     label
>                 "libmodule-cont-contact", help;  #  module name
> Not sure that I am doing the right thing as the help suggestion refers to
> the Element Modules while the cont-contact is a Constitutive Law Module.
> The error I get when I run the input file is the following:
> reading from file "rigid_contact.mbd"
> Creating scalar solver with Naive linear solver
> Reading Structural(1)
> Reading Body(1)
> module "libmodule-cont-contact" loaded
> Reading LoadableElement(0)
> Loadable(0): error while binding to data "calls" in module
> <libmodule-cont-contact> ("/usr/local/mbdyn/libexec/libmodule-cont-contact.so.0:
> undefined symbol: calls")
> An error occurred during the execution of MBDyn; aborting...
> The module seems to be correctly loaded if I am not mistaken, still I
> don't understand the meaning of the error.
> Could maybe someone provide a simple example with the working module?
> The log of the configure and the input file are attached. Thanks in
> advance for any help.
> Cheers,
> --
> Antonino Sidoti
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