[MBDyn-users] string parser

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Mon Feb 22 10:31:44 CET 2016

Dear everyone

Just a quick word to thank Ankit Aggarwal who under Pierangelo's 
supervision during the Google Summer of Code 2015 developed the new 
string parser.

Thanks to that new string parser, my simple flight control test model is 
now running in 17 seconds instead of 141 seconds, which is a very 
appreciated (8x) improvement in speed !

For those who would like to try that new experimental parser, you can 
compile MBDyn with these additional arguments:

./configure CPPFLAGS="-DUSE_EE=1" CXX="g++ -std=c++11"

Best Regards,


Louis Gagnon, Ph.D.
Postdoctoral fellow
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
Politecnico di Milano

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