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Ankit Aggarwal ankit.ankit.aggarwal at gmail.com
Tue Apr 26 19:10:02 CEST 2016

What step size control project is all about?

Currently step size control is defined in solver class (solver.cc) in which
NewTimeStep() is called to determine the new time step value

In this project, we are trying to achieve the following functionality

1) Abstract the existing step size control code.
2) Define an API to allow users to plug-in user-defined step size control
techniques like drive callers,constitutive laws etc.

After this is done

3) For the later part - Creating new step size control strategies according
to new API.

For further clarification I will be attaching the code example in the
upcoming mails.

Ankit Aggarwal

On Tue, Apr 26, 2016 at 10:09 PM, Louis Gagnon <louis.gagnon at polimi.it>

> Hello Ankit,
> Welcome to MBDyn-GSoC for your second year!
> It's nice that you are seeking help from the community, but:
> 1. "Step size control" is vague and I think most users here will not
> understand what you are referring to. You could clarify step size of what
> and cite examples.
> 2. In the email, you refer to a synopsis, does the community know of that
> synopsis?
> I think to get some feedback you should write a short yet detailed message
> of exactly what you intend to do. Perhaps including some one-liner codes
> samples from MBDyn...
> Regards,
> -Louis
> On 16-04-24 07:59 AM, Ankit Aggarwal wrote:
> Hello Everyone !
> I'm starting this thread to describe the proposed implementation scheme
> and timeline to the MBDyn Community. Since this is the "Community Bonding
> Period", I would really appreciate all your comments, views, suggestions
> and apprehensions. The purpose of this period is to tune the proposal, and
> I'd love to hear any and every feedback that you have about the same.
> Project - Step Size Control
> April 22 – May 23 (Before the official coding time):
> 1) During this period ,I will remain in constant touch with my mentor and
> the MBDyn community. I will remain active on mailing lists to discuss and
> finalize on the modifications (if any) that needs to be on existing design
> of the step size control techniques.Study of the "mbdyn/base" directory as
> it involves all the major existing functionality of the creating
> user-defined modules which is required for the user-defined step size
> modules and loading of shared libraries(modules.* files)
> 2) Thus with the help of my mentor I will become absolutely clear about my
> future goals,the final implementations that need to be done as well as the
> approach that I will follow to achieve the desirable results.
> May 23 – June 18 (Official coding period starts):
> 1) Designing of the new Step Size Control Class (most probably as
> discussed in the synopsis) and there will require some changes in the
> solver, Dataman and invsolver classes. Solver class so that previous
> implementation of the step size control can abstracted based on the new
> implementation, Dataman class so that If a third party wishes to create
> it's own step size control,that party gets all the required variable at the
> required time and invsolver class on the same basis of the solver class
> June 18 – June 27:
> 1) After designing all the classes,proper interaction among them is
> required,so major time will be spend on it.
> 2) Testing the overall working of each and every module of the modified
> source codes.
> July 4 – July 15
> 1) After introducing the new API, now the second part of the project will
> come in motion.For this to be successful,continuous interaction among the
> previous MBDyn user and developers will be deciding point of what is needed
> to modified in API ,plus what else functionality is required.
> 2) Major time will be spent upon achieving the functionality required.
> July 15 – July 25:
> 1) Developing the unit tests and using profiling tool for comparing the
> quality of work.
> 2) Most of the time will be consumed for rigorous testing ,bug fixes and
> making sure it work as required.
> July 25 – August 15:
> A Buffer has been kept has been kept for any unpredictable delay.If time
> permits,further optimization and tuning performances issues of source code
> Ankit Aggarwal
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