[MBDyn-users] public MBDyn semitrailer model for road profile interaction

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Tue Mar 24 14:18:59 CET 2015

Dear fellow users,

I'm publicly releasing the semitrailer model I have developed within 
MBDyn for my PhD project. It allows one to run a semitrailer model on a 
specific longitudinal road profile and uses a rigid ring model for the 

You may find the project's biography on my website: louisgagnon.com

Otherwise, I've copied below the instructions to run the model. Keep in 
mind that the data as been slightly modified to preserve the 
confidential data of my former industrial partners (Michelin, Manac, and 

The model is available on the MBDyn examples page under the name 

I'll be happy to answer questions from who wants to run the model.




I hope the following steps help you demystify the model, which is a lot 
of fun once you get things going !

*MBDyn needs to be built with some extra libraries. Under Ubuntu, you 
will have to install a few packages such as the suitesparse, ginac, and 
netcdf development files, and the MBDyn configure command will be 
similar or equal to

/./configure --enable-runtime-loading 
--prefix=/home/louis/bin/mbdyn-1.6.0 --with-module=wheel4 
LDFLAGS=-rdynamic CPPFLAGS=-I/usr/include/suitesparse --no-recursion 

If you are running MBDyn 1.6.0, you will need to apply the patches given 
on the download page to avoid some bugs. Copy patch files into the 
mbdyn-1.6.0 directory and run

/patch <mbdyn-1.6.0-patchname.patch/

then copy the filename given beside +++ and give it as file to patch 
upon prompt. Then rerun

/make; make install/

I'm giving you a script, run.sh, that can be run on a series of profiles 
and generates a folder for each run (don't do more than one per minute) 
and then calls the ellipsoidal "Schmeitz" pre-filtering of the road 
profile in "parallel" before calling the semitrailer model to run a 
specified distance in a straight line (pathDrive.txt) at a specified 
velocity (speedDriveT.txt) on that same profile. Once the run directory 
and road profile is created you may rerun MBDyn on it files directly 
inside the directory if you need to debug things. The script command to 
run directly in the semitrailerPub is,

/for i in  "someRoad" ; do ./run.sh -f $i.ERD -d 1000 -l 105 -s 100 -e 
1215; done/

you will need to set your /prefix directory/ in the run.sh script file

I've tested these exact files on my Ubuntu 14.04 distribution with the 
patched MBDyn-1.6.0, so it should work as is. Keep in mind that the 
tire, truck, and road data do not correspond to any specific real data.


Louis Gagnon, Ph.D.
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
Politecnico di Milano

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