[MBDyn-users] Torque control in MBDyn

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Wed Jun 25 10:07:29 CEST 2014

Dear Tingnan,

This should be possible using a driver like this,

*drive, string, " 1*( model::element::joint(pinID,'Mz') * Var", 
reference, yourFIleDriverID;*

which should multiply the value of your file driver. I'm not sure how 
stable the solution will be though and the syntax might not be exact as 
I have never seen examples of this in use. See the PDF manual on p. 24, 
last line.



On 24/06/2014 23:34, Tingnan Zhang wrote:
> Hi All:
> Anybody know if there is a torque control mechanism in MBDyn? For 
> example, suppose we impose the rotation angle of a revolute pin by a 
> file driver, we then would like to monitor the torque at the pin. If 
> the torque exceeds the maximal value (allowed by the motor in real 
> world), the rotation will stop until the file drive reverse the 
> direction of rotation or the torque decreased due to other reason.
> Is it currently possible in MBDyn? If it is not, what alternative 
> solution can we use?
> Thanks!
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> Tingnan Zhang
> School of Physics
> Georgia Institute of Technology
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