[MBDyn-users] Trouble with Membrane elements [MBDyn 1.5.5]

Kaleb Bordner kaleb.bordner at gmail.com
Thu Aug 7 17:32:07 CEST 2014

Hello Dr. Masarati / UoMBDyn:
I am using MBDyn to validate a test case found in the paper:  "A Membrane element for Micro Aerial Vehicle Fluid Interactions" -Solcia et. al.. The case is very simple:
*A 1 meter wide by 2 meter long Membrane is fixed at either end of its length. 
*The nodes at mid-length are each loaded with a downward force equal to 1 Newton
L = 2 meter                              E = 1 Pa                              Nodal Force = 1 N
W = 1 meter                            Poisson's = 0.33              
Thickness = 0.001 meter           prestress = 10.00 Nm^-1 

I'm trying to use 2 membrane elements to represent the case described.
However, using the structural displacement nodes that were introduced in the same paper (namely the dynamic displacement type) returns the following error: 

...DataManager::ReadNode: unable to cast structural(0) to "10StructNode"...

Surely I am missing something? I've attached my input file to this email.

Kaleb Bordner
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