[MBDyn-users] Coupling via Socket (libmbc)

Sönke Neumann soenke.neumann at tuhh.de
Mon Sep 23 12:17:39 CEST 2013

concerning fluid-structure interaction (FSI) I use MBDyn to
simulate the mechanical side of the problem. I yet started a monolithic
approach (many thanks to Mr. Resch!) and now I'm going to couple MBDyn
to OpenFOAM in an iterative approach. This was already done (in the
freecase project?), but we made some further modification in our
OpenFOAM code.
At this point, the file based coupling is running, but only providing
staggered coupling. For the next step we want to use the socket based
coupling, most certainly in C/C++.

Are there any examples for libmbc coupling in C? Or any documentation?

I made the socket initialisation run, but the next steps are unclear.

Best regards, Sönke Neumann

Dipl.-Ing. Sönke Neumann

Structural Dynamics Group (M-14)
Hamburg University of Technology
21073 Hamburg, Germany

email:  soenke.neumann at tuhh.de

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