[MBDyn-users] Using string variable in string drive

Leonardo Marcarini Borges leonardo.marcarini at yahoo.com.br
Mon May 20 16:10:49 CEST 2013

I'm trying to use a string variable in a string drive, but it seems that it only accepts the string written directly in it.
Is this right? Is there a way around? Can this behavior be changed in future versions so it accepts string variables?


... string, "sin(2*pi)", # this is ok

set: string MovZ = "sin(2*pi)";
.... string, MovZ, # this won't work

Output from error:
Parser error in HighPaser::GetStringWithDelims()
first non-blank char at line 20, file (Engaste.sub) isn't a valid left-delimiter

MBDynParser::^MBDynParser: manipulators' stack not empty

 Thank you,
Leonardo Marcarini
Engineering Student
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