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I'm sorry the correct link for the technical manual is actually:

Best regards

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 12:39 PM, Matteo Fancello <matteo.fancello at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Dear prof. Ganesh Sundaram,
> I'm just a graduate student who helped develop the modules:
> - module-nonsmooth-node
> - module-cont-contact
> Both are tools developed to tackle the problem of contact in MBDyn.
> The first uses an approach that allows to use nonsmooth dynamics to
> represent contact as an exact unilateral condition. In order to use this
> approach without rewriting the core way that MBDyn writes and solves its
> equations the module implements a subsystem of the MBDyn model, comprising
> of a single node subject to contact, that is integrated with a nonsmooth
> dynamics solver.
> The second module implements constitutive contact laws of Hunt-Crossley
> type that allow to model contact, in association with a compliant element,
> as a regularization of the unilateral condition. In this case the
> non-interpenetration condition is replaced by a very stiff force activated
> at contact. It might also be used as an example of implementing a
> constitutive law when those available from the MBDyn library don't suit the
> requirements.
> MBDyn technical manual can be found here:
> http://www.aero.polimi.it/masarati/MBDyn-input/mbdyn-input-1.X-Devel.pdf
> But a quicker overview can also be found in the documentation:
> http://www.aero.polimi.it/mbdyn/documentation/index.html
> If you're interested in details regarding the nonsmooth dynamics
> algorithms implemented in the module I shall provide you with some
> references.
> Best regards,
> Matteo
> PS: I hope it's ok if I reply to the mailing list, in case it is useful to
> someone else.
> On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 10:39 AM, Ganesh Sundaram <
> ganeshsundaram at am.amrita.edu> wrote:
>> Dear Prof. Matteo Fancello,
>> Thanks for your kind email. I apologize for the belated reply, as I was
>> caught up some urgent work.
>> I have question related to the development of MBDyn.
>> Does the developer's manual posted somewhere in the MBDyn website
>> contain all details pertaining to the physics and algorithms behind the
>> MNDyn code? If not where can I get the complete detials?
>> I would like to understand the basis of this code. Thanks.
>> Sincerely,
>> Ganesh
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>> absorber absorber
>> Dear professor Ganesh,
>> please feel free to ask me for support for the use of the nonsmooth-node
>> module.
>> It has been developed has a way to implement contacts in Mbdyn models by
>> co-simulating the part of the model subject to contact as a subsystem
>> integrated with a nonsmooth dynamics solver.
>> At this stage of development it allows to define a contact between a node
>> of the model and a plane. The plane position and orientation is defined in
>> relation with a node of the model (which does not receives back a contact
>> force! It serves only as a reference for plane placement).
>> in order to use the module you will have to install SICONOS<http://siconos.gforge.inria.fr/> 3.5,
>> specifically the SiconosNumerics and SiconosKernel libraries. Then
>> configure mbdyn with the options "--with-module="nonsmooth-node"
>> --enable-runtime-loading=yes LDFLAGS="-rdynamic" and compile.
>> I include in the attachment a usage example of the module, that should
>> implement the model suggested by professor Masarati. Two masses, connected
>> with a compliant joint, fall vertically. The bottom mass is subject to
>> unilateral contact with a plane. The compliant joint is associated to a
>> constitutive law that you may want to change, with one of the many
>> available in the input manual or with a custom developed one.
>> regards,
>> Matteo
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