[MBDyn-users] MBDyn 1.3.17 is out

masarati at aero.polimi.it masarati at aero.polimi.it
Sat Jan 29 09:32:45 CET 2011

MBDyn 1.3.17 is out.  You can find the tarball at


Changes since 1.3.16:

        - improved sanity checks when using arpack for eigenanalysis
        - improved error checking in fixed/variable step file driver
          (noted by Stefan van't'Hoff)
        - added alpha-first generic aerodynamic element
        - allow to fine-tune when initial eigenanalysis is performed
        - added C++ interface to external forces peer library
        - added "sample and hold" (Mattia Mattaboni)
    Backward compatibility issues:
    Known issues:
    Bug fixes:
        - loosely/not coupled ext force needs not set convergence
          (noted by Tingnan Zhang)
        - fixed data manager cleanup
        - fixed revolute joint private data "rz" computation
          (noted by Stefan van't'Hoff)
        - fixed 2D mesh all-nodes automatic selection
          in CodeAster CMS macro
        - fixed external structural mapping when no mapping required
        - fixed viscous/viscoelastic symbolic constitutive laws
        - fixed VHUB computation in module-aerodyn (Fanzhong Meng)
        - fixed minor issues in external structural mapping
        - fixed PrivDriveCaller ("element", "node") when used with arg
        - fixed output flag in module-wheel2
        - fixed case detection in structural node private data
          (noted by Louis Gagnon)
        - fixed "log" scalar function arg positiveness check

I would like to take the opportunity of this mainly bug-fixing release to
thank all users that reported the issues, in some cases along with the

Enjoy, and please report any issue through the mbdyn-users mailing list,
as usual.

Cheers, p.

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