[MBDyn-users] postprocessing MbDyn results

Pierangelo Masarati masarati at aero.polimi.it
Sat Feb 21 15:32:27 CET 2009

Tomislav Maric wrote:

>    I'm trying to work in Blender for pre and post processing, but when I
> try Update Menus button, all of my scripts choices disappear, so there
> is nothing in the Misc menu or any other menu.

Doug Baldwin will probably be the most appropriate person to resolve 
your issue.  The last time I tried the Blender interface it worked 
without any problem.  He will probably need more information on what you 

> Has this happened to anyone? Is there an alternative to Blender? What is
> mostly used for pre/post processing in MbDyn? Input-output files and
> gnuplot?

So far, input files and generic plot systems have been the preferred 
choice for quite a while.  Blender is likely the future, although it 
does not support the whole library right now.  Very simple result 
visualizations from already existing models can be obtained using 
EasyAnim (download it from MBDyn's web site).

> This option seems stable if I'm modeling a complex dynamical
> system (Blender not working would be a disaster).

Not sure what you mean.

Cheers, p.

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