[MBDyn-users] Blended MBDyn has moved

mbdynug at osengineer.com mbdynug at osengineer.com
Thu Oct 2 05:52:53 CEST 2008


I’m writing to inform those interested that I’ve moved the Blended MBDyn
website.  On occasion I get e-mails indicating people are interested in
the project so I thought I would send this e-mail to the users mailing
list.  Also, I get traffic from the links on the MBDyn site so if those
that operate the site could change the link that would be great (no

Here is where Blended MBDyn now lives:

I have not done anything to the code recently but the website is much
improved.  It was ugly, had a lot of broken links and was hard to
maintain.  I’m using django now, and I’d recommend it.

There is other stuff on the enlighten engineering site that might be of
interest, in particular OMD for Simulink.  It does not use MBDyn but it
might be of interest to those interested in multi-body dynamics.  It is
free to download but I have not made the source available.  I probably
will but it would take some time and I don’t know if there is any

Anyway, if anyone is using Blended MBDyn it would be nice to hear what you
have done with it.

Thanks to the MBDyn guys for putting links to my site on your site, I
continue to visit and hopefully someday I’ll have a project on which I can
put MBDyn to use.


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