[MBDyn-users] MBDyn 1.3.3-Beta is out

Pierangelo Masarati masarati at aero.polimi.it
Sat Jan 26 14:44:02 CET 2008

MBDyn 1.3.3-Beta is out.  You can find the tarball at


This release is twofold:

- it fixes a bug in c81 aerodynamic coefficient tables lookup
  that could affect data tabulated for mach numbers not starting
  from 0., or with angle of incidence not wrapping (i.e. going
  from -180 to 180 deg).

- it introduces a new, interesting feature: descriptive information
  about the model, delegated to simulation entities, is logged when
  printing the residual or the solution, as described here
  this is intended to ease model debugging by easily allowing to track
  down what equation(s) or degree(s) of freedom are not behaving
  as expected.

- it includes other minor fixes and refinements of features still
  under development.

Right now, the effort will focus on refining new features in view of the
first release of MBDyn 1.3 officially targeted for normal use.

The changelog since 1.3.2-Beta is

MBDyn 1.3.3-Beta
        - add OpenMPI support
        - allow accelerations in external force output
        - allow accelerations in external modal force output
        - add support for nested elements
        - add elastic and viscous variants of nlsf/nlp const. laws
        - add dof/equation description to solution/residual output
        - add dof description to linear solver diagnostics
        - add support for octave-compatible sparse matrix output
    Backward compatibility issues:
    Known issues:
        - document limitation of invariant angular const. law wrapper
    Bug fixes:
        - fix Schur matrix/vector handlers destructors
        - fix solver first step with Schur data manager
        - fix array allocation when --enable-debug
        - fix Jacobian of invariant angular const. law wrapper
        - allow references in invariant angular const. law wrapper
        - fix c81 table lookup

In the meanwhile enjoy, and please feedback thru the mbdyn-users at
mbdyn.org mailing list for any issue.

Cheers, p.

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