[MBDyn-users] State Space Genels

Doug Baldwin doug at baldwintechnology.com
Wed Dec 3 07:51:00 CET 2008



I have 6x6 mass, damping, and stiffness matrices that represent the linear
model of a helicopter.  I'd like to have a single MBDyn node represent a
helicopter, and use the stream file drive for pseudo-realtime input.  Once
this works, I'll add slung loads and other nodes/elements.


My question is how to write an MBDyn input file for my single node, state
space model?  My matrices have the following format:


Rows:  X-Force, Z-Force, Pitch Moment, Y-Force, Roll Moment, Yaw Moment


  For Mass Matrix:  U-dot, W-dot, Q-dot, V-dot, P-dot, R-dot

  For Damping Matrix: U, W, Q, V, P, R

  For Stiffness Matrix:  X, Z, Theta, Y, Phi, Psi


An example Elements Block would be very helpful.


Thank you,


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