[MBDyn-users] Stream output

Pierangelo Masarati masarati at aero.polimi.it
Wed Oct 31 20:27:31 CET 2007

Rudi Jaeger writes: 

> Dear Dr. Masarati, 
> could you please provide an example of a stream output (like
> the one included in the Simulink-pendulum example) which
> provides nodal information like position etc.. 
> I think I tried everything like: 
> stream output: 1,
>         stream name, "MBXINN",
>         create, yes,
>         port, 10011,
>         1,
>             1, structural, string, "Phi[3]"; 
> were the "1" before "structural" refers to structural node with label 1.

I'll be unable to check this until next week (no access to matlab), but 
looking at the code and the docs I think what you need should be obtained by 
using something like 

           1, structural, algebraic, X; 

where X is a digit between 1 and 3 to indicate the position components; 
orientations cannot be obtained this way, since there is no unique 
definition of the orientation parameters. 

> The main problem is that I do not understand the syntax of: 
> (node_dof) <output_dof> 
> in the input manual.

I understand this syntax is unclear; it is also obsolete, since right now 
there are much easier and general means to access simulation data, not just 
values of degrees of freedom.  Perhaps, if you explain with more detail what 
information you want to export, we can point you to the more efficient 
manner to extract that information.  At the same time, we can take this 
opportunity to enhance the communication configuration. 

Cheers, p. 

PS: I'll probably be little responsive for a couple of weeks; please be 

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