[MBDyn-users] Invitation to the AeroDyn Overhaul Kick-off Meeting

Pierangelo Masarati masarati at aero.polimi.it
Wed Dec 5 12:17:59 CET 2007

Dear MBDyn users,

and especially wind-turbine enthusiasts, I'm posting below an
announcement that recently appeared on NREL's mailing list, in case
anyone is interested, possibly in view of an integration of that
software with MBDyn.

   --- o --- o --- o ---

Dear Wind Turbine Aerodynamics Modeling Enthusiast,

You are cordially invited to participate in a kick-off meeting of a
project to overhaul the AeroDyn aerodynamics software library.  The
meeting will take place on Wednesday and Thursday, February 6 and 7,
2008 at the National Wind Technology Center.   The overhaul will be work
performed by NREL researchers; however, we would like to incorporate
your feedback regarding how the code should be modified and improved.

Attached to this e-mail is an invitation letter that contains general
information about the meeting, the reasons for the AeroDyn overhaul, and
possible modifications and improvements to the software.  We assembled a
large list of participants who we thought might be interested in
attending this meeting, but we may have unintentionally missed someone.
Feel free to forward this invitation to anyone you feel might be
interested in attending.

We ask that you kindly RSVP with your intention to participate to Jason
Jonkman by Friday, January 25, 2008.  If you would like to share a
presentation regarding particular opinions about any one of the code
modifications, please let us know in your RSVP.  Let us know if you have
any questions.

We look forward to seeing you in Colorado in February!

Best regards,

Jason Jonkman
+1 (303) 384 - 7026
mailto:jason_jonkman at nrel.gov

Marshall Buhl
+1 (303) 384 - 6914
mailto:marshall_buhl at nrel.gov

Pat Moriarty
+1 (303) 384 - 7081
mailto:patrick_moriarty at nrel.gov

Sandy Butterfield
+1 (303) 384 - 6902
mailto:sandy_butterfield at nrel.gov

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