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Andrea Zanoni a.zanoni.mbdyn at gmail.com
Mon Sep 25 09:43:30 CEST 2017

Hi Wenguo,

while it is always a good idea to have options, and thus compile with 
support of umfpack or klu, you can still run the example by using the 
built-in solver naive instead of umfpack.
Depending on the input file that you are using, it will be a matter of 
commenting the line selecting the umfpack solver and uncommenting the 
one selecting naive, or to just write

     linear solver: naive, colamd;

In the "initial value" block, in case no "linear solver: ..." line is 
there yet.


Il 25/09/2017 08:22, Louis Gagnon ha scritto:
> Dear Wenguo,
> It could be that you are running a different MBDyn than the one you 
> compiled or that later in the config log it actually says umfpack is 
> not available...
> Perhaps double check those two things.
> Best Regards,
> -Louis
> On 23/09/2017 14:36, Wenguo Zhu wrote:
>> Dear Louis Gagnon,
>> Thank you for your reply. As you suggested i run command:
>>   ./configure command --enable-python --with-metis=no
>> ,it passed compile and solved the problem.
>> However , when i run the example Puma/rotortrim. it says 'Umfpack 
>> solver not available; requested at line 77', and i have installed 
>> suitesparse(including umfpack), and when configure, the information 
>> corresponding to umfpack is as below, does this problem have 
>> relationship to metis? or something else?
>> --------------------
>> checking for SuiteSparse_config library... yes
>> checking for AMD library... yes
>> checking for COLAMD library... yes
>> checking for CCOLAMD library... yes
>> checking for CAMD library... yes
>> checking for CHOLMOD library... yes
>> checking for umfpack library version... 5 or greater
>> checking if umfpack library needs long... no
>> checking for umfpack library... yes
>> ---------------------
>>    Best Regards
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