[MBDyn-users] Question about NetCDF output

Wenguo Zhu zhuwenguo at buaa.edu.cn
Mon May 29 16:57:59 CEST 2017

Dear Janga Reddy,Torsten Sadowski,Pierangelo Masarati,Louis Gagnon and Andrea Zanoni,

Thank you very much for your reply about the question. I tried to an older version of netcdf, and it works.

1) I reinstalled an older version of NetCDF(NetCDF-3.6.3), after that head files 'netcdf.h' and 'netcdfcpp.h' appeared in '/usr/include';

2) then I configured with netcdf enabled by using './configure --enable-netcdf'.

thank you again for your generous help!
Best wishes!

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