[MBDyn-users] questions about piezobeams in MBDyn

Wenguo Zhu zhuwenguo at buaa.edu.cn
Wed May 10 14:35:44 CEST 2017

Dear Prof.Pierangelo Masarati and MBDyn users,

I have some puzzles on the example "cantilever1piezo" in official tutorial:

1. Does the genel element spring support can be regarded as a spring k between the abstract node and abstract force that loads on abstrac node?
so that the private value of abstract node equals abstract force divides k. is it right?

2.in the 3-nodes beam element card :
piezoelectric actuator ,
<electrodes_number> ,
<abstract_node_label_list> ,
(Mat6xN) <piezoelectric_matrix_I> ,
{ same | (Mat6xN) <piezoelectric_matrix_II> }
[ , <custom_output> ]
<electrodes_number> can be bigger than 1, then how does the potential or voltage distribute within a beam element?

3.If I do vibration control using MBDyn and Matlab/SIMULINK, is it essential to install RTAI? are there any simple training examples available?

Best regards.
Wenguo Zhu

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