[MBDyn-users] GSoC entry test Step 2

Pierangelo Masarati pierangelo.masarati at polimi.it
Mon Mar 27 22:42:37 CEST 2017

On 03/27/2017 10:20 PM, Anchit Bansal wrote:
> Hey
> For step 2 it says that you should alter and test the compiled C++ 
> codes, where do we get the compiled codes? There's no such file in the 
> output files after execution of the MBDyn scripts.
The rationale is that you should show us your familiarity with the 
source code of the project (at least some portion of it) and your 
ability to modify it as needed to either add a small new functionality 
or fix an existing bug.

Sincerely, p.

Pierangelo Masarati
Dipartimento di Scienze e Tecnologie Aerospaziali
Politecnico di Milano

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