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Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Mon Mar 27 14:46:42 CEST 2017

Hi Anchit,
You still have time and your application is welcome.
With regards to point 3/4, your issue is that you are plotting the .out 
file which only gives information about the convergence and iterations 
at each times step. See the manual or open the file in a text editor to 
understand more.
The .mov file is NOT a movie, you can plot the data and this is what I 
expect to see plotted for step 1 (see the manual, search for .mov and 
you'll understand).
Keep it up !
PS: don't send forwards to the list...

On 27-Mar-2017 09:51 AM, Anchit Bansal wrote:
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> Hey!
> I recently got to know about GSoC and found MBDyn to suit my skill 
> set(C++,Matlab,Numerical Analysis), I know I'm very late but want to 
> give my best shot in given time so I tried my hands on the provided 
> stuff and it's given below:
> I just completed the Entry test step 1 and wanted to send my work to you.
> 1. Didn't encounter any problem while installing MBDyn, the steps in 
> installation document worked for me perfectly.
> 2.Tried running Slider_crank file and got the expected output files in 
> the running directory.
> 3. Having difficulty in running the .mov file generated but since 
> Pierangelo Masarati said that it isn't that important so I skipped it.
> 4. Also I saw that there was Slider_crank mentioned under Bugs/missing 
> section, so I tried to plot the .out file generated after running 
> Slidercrank_r file code and as it was asked to check the initial 
> condition condition in slidercrank_r example I did find some abrupt 
> curve in starting of the plot, so I tried curve fitting tools of 
> matlab for better understanding and both(Gaussian and Spline fitting) 
> of them are attached with this mail, Since I have little knowledge in 
> area of mechanics so I can't actually conclude on what's happening.
> I would really appreciate if you could guide me further.
> Regards
> Anchit Bansal
> Manipal Institute of Technology, Karnataka
> India
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