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What I need to model is a wing-sail (the kind of sail in use in America's Cup), so it is a rigid wing with variable twist. What you are proposing could actually work, I'll just need an actuator to change the orientation of the whole wing and another to apply a torque to the aerodynamic beam in order to twist it. Is it what you are proposing, right?


Franco Lovato

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On 22/03/2017 08:38, Franco Lovato wrote:
> Good morning everybody
> I am trying to control the angle of attack of an aerodynamic element from an
> external software (a PID controller) but I don't understand if it is feasible.
> A possible solution could be to fix the element on a hinge and apply a torque
> to it, simulating an actuator, but doing it I'll have no control over the
> twist, which is a variable of the problem I'm studying.
> I was trying to load a series of scalars with a file driver in order to use
> them as the new angles, but I don't understand if it is possible or not.

Not sure I understood, maybe you need to elaborate more.
The angle of attack depends on flowfield velocity, body velocity and body attitude.
The twist you apply in the aerodynamic element is simply representative of the
variation of angle along the spanof the jigshape of your aerodynamic surface.
Then, if you change the body attitude, or in case of an aerodynamic element
connected to a deformable body you twist the associated elastic body, your angle
of attack may change.

Giuseppe Quaranta

> So, has anyone an idea on how to solve this problem? I believe it to be not so
> uncommon, so there should be a solution I'm missing.
> Thanks everybody for the support
> Franco Lovato
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