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Paolo Mantegazza paolo.mantegazza at polimi.it
Thu Mar 16 00:41:16 CET 2017

In relation to automatic differentiation have a look at:
P. Mantegazza.
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Hi Shaunak,
Have you checked out the entry tests requirements for the projects you like?


Completing the common entry tests (or project specific entry tests), is the first step before proceeding further.

VSN Reddy Janga

On Wed, Mar 15, 2017 at 10:54 PM, Shaunak Dixit <sdixit_be15 at thapar.edu<mailto:sdixit_be15 at thapar.edu>> wrote:
I want to contribute in MBDYN. Currently, I'm doing software engineering and I have made many projects on c++.

so I would like to work on any of the project related to c++ and some mathematics portion

1- Convergence Criteria
2- Embedded Optimization
3- Automatic Differentiation

I think I can perform well on these projects so please help me a little bit and
Please provide me some guidance on how to start contributing to the project.

Thank You

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