[MBDyn-users] First GSoC 2017 Weekly Update

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Mon Aug 14 23:21:05 CEST 2017

Dear Everyone,

This is the 11-th and last weekly update, directly from our Google 
Summer of Code students.

The next update will come in the fall and will wrap up the good work 
done by the students over the summer.

Janga Reddy - Improve Blendyn - Mentored by Andrea Zanoni and Louis Gagnon

1. Added drive displacement joint. Its just a copy of the distance joint 
I did earlier, as I already took care of varying distances before.
PR - https://github.com/zanoni-mbdyn/blendyn/pull/32

2. Had to change the setting of orientation and pos in all joint element 
files, in accordance with the child_of constraint, which takes care of 
inheritance by itself.
PR - https://github.com/zanoni-mbdyn/blendyn/pull/27

3. Handle multiple stream drivers. The user can change the value of any 
stream driver through keyboard strokes as the simulation is going on.
PR - https://github.com/zanoni-mbdyn/blendyn/pull/30


Luca Conti - Flight Dynamics Module, interaction with Flight Gear - 
Mentored by Pierangelo Masarati and Andrea Zanoni


Brief description of what I did during the current week

During this week I kept writing my external module. I finished developing
the system to avoid an unsuitable usage of FileDriveCaller when used to
gather data from Flight Gear. The FileDrive instructed to receive 
NetCtrls or NetFDM from Flight Gear creates a inherited object from 
StreamDriveCopyCast, whose type is chosen according to the FG data 
structure the FileDrive is supposed to receive.
Then, when a FileDriveCaller is used to access a specific field, the
FileDriveCaller automatically checks if the specified field name belongs 
to the FG structure received by the specified FileDrive. This is tested 
by a dynamic_cast.

draft of my edits:




Best Regards,


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