[MBDyn-users] First GSoC 2017 Weekly Update

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Wed Aug 9 00:08:11 CEST 2017

Dear Everyone,

Please cheer our two Google Summer of Code students as they are 
approaching the end of this coding marathon!

This is the 10-th weekly update, directly from them.

Feel free to comment, question, or help the students in any way you feel 

Luca Conti - Flight Dynamics Module, interaction with Flight Gear - 
Mentored by Pierangelo Masarati and Andrea Zanoni


Brief description of what I did during the current week

During this week I kept writing my external module. I started developing 
a system to automatically detect which Flight Gear
data structure (NetFDM or NetCtrls) is read by the FileDrive specified 
by the user inside of the FileDriveCaller, whenever he
wants to use any FG data inside of his own MBDyn model. This was 
implemented in order to avoid a wrong or misleading use of the 
when coupled with a FileDrive which receives data from FG. A further 
advantage of this mechanism is that the syntax is very minimal,
it's enough just to type the desired field name and the label of the 
FileDrive used to communicate with FG.

draft of my edits:



Janga Reddy - Improve Blendyn - Mentored by Andrea Zanoni and Louis Gagnon


1. Documentation for merged features(Plotting, standard import, and text 
PR- https://github.com/janga1997/blendyn-wiki/pull/2

and documentation for live animation (unmerged)
PR- https://github.com/janga1997/blendyn-wiki/pull/3

2. First draft of Final Submission. The only thing remaining according 
to me is to add a couple of demos of features I added, and link to them.
link - https://goo.gl/KGS2Wc


Best Regards,


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