[MBDyn-users] First GSoC 2017 Weekly Update

Louis Gagnon louis.gagnon at polimi.it
Tue Aug 1 14:38:53 CEST 2017

Dear Everyone,

This is the 9-th weekly update, directly from our Google Summer of Code 

This means we are now half-way through the projects!

Feel free to comment, question, or help the students in any way you feel 

Janga Reddy - Improve Blendyn - Mentored by Andrea Zanoni and Louis Gagnon


1. With the help of edits to MBDyn by Andrea, we can now load file 
drivers and output elements by parsing the log file.
As a result, UNIX (local) sockets are now supported.
I've also added a few lines to control the import frequency through 
keystrokes, making it easier to change the speed of the live animation.
PR - https://github.com/zanoni-mbdyn/blendyn/pull/30

2. Added the linear (velocity and acceleration) and angular (velocity 
and acceleration) joint elements.
PR - https://github.com/zanoni-mbdyn/blendyn/pull/32

Luca Conti - Flight Dynamics Module, interaction with Flight Gear - 
Mentored by Pierangelo Masarati and Andrea Zanoni


Brief description of what I did during the current week

During this week I kept writing my external module. I started developing 
the same system applied to elements coded up to now 
(StreamOutputElement, FileDrive) also for FileDriveCaller. Every new 
FileDriveCaller type must inherit from the Read method, contained in the 
virtual struct FileDriveCallerTypeReader. I would like to build an 
easy-to-use syntax which allows the user to specify the name of the 
field he wants to receive from Flight Gear.

draft of my edits:


drive_.cc: https://www.dropbox.com/s/tjepb46teve59pa/drive_.cc?dl=0

drive_.h: https://www.dropbox.com/s/d5snmlaoyxrglz2/drive_.h?dl=0


Best Regards,


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