[MBDyn-users] MBDyn 1.6.0 is out

Pierangelo Masarati pierangelo.masarati at polimi.it
Fri Dec 19 22:28:21 CET 2014

Dear users,

MBDyn 1.6.0 is out.  The tarball is available at


This is release contains several improvements and bug fixes.  A minor 
but not negligible API change in the handling of user-defined entities 
required to increase the minor version number.

The complete changelog is:

MBDyn 1.6.0
         - added central gravity field (suggested by Linh H. Phan)
         - added automatic differentiation support to drive callers
           and constitutive laws (Reinhard Resch)
         - added (optional) modal joint reaction forces output
         - added runtime loadable file drivers
         - added generic joystick driver (module-hid)
         - added run-time loadable "description" registration
         - added "namespace" stmt (module-namespace)
         - added symbol table in namespaces (module-namespace)
     Backward compatibility issues:
     Known issues:
         - Schur solver is broken
         - TotalPinJoint inverse dynamics support is broken
         - RTAI and multithread support incompatible
         - module-octave and multithread support incompatible
     Bug fixes:
         - fix module-octave build and scripts installation
           (Reinhard Resch)
         - fix initial assembly of viscoelastic deformable joint
           (noted by Reinhard Resch)
         - fix python detection (David Verelst)
         - fix SparseSuite_config detection
           (Marco Morandini; noted by David Verelst)
         - fixed (harmless) stmt parsing bug

Please test and report using the <mbdyn-users at mbdyn.org> mailing list.

Enjoy!  p.

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