[MBDyn-users] Placing the middle node of a 3 node beam -> for using AeroDyn

Jens.vanSchelve at Emerson.com Jens.vanSchelve at Emerson.com
Wed Feb 23 17:12:41 CET 2011

Yes, this should work. Only two little issues: No aerodynamics near the
hub and
I would like to have the beam as long as the blade - it might be
confusing in the
post-processing and visualisation otherwise.

Also what came to our mind is that it might be an advantage to have more
near the tip because of tip loss corrections and bigger deformations.

Therfore we could also place the beam3 elements at Chebyshev collocation
In this case only the mid nodes of each element would have an
element applied.

Meaning only every second node would have an external force. Is this
still ok?


       ____A____ ___B___ __C__
 ---  |         |       |     |
(HUB) 1----2----3---4---5--6--7
 ---  |_________|_______|_____|

Aerodynamic element (force) on 2, 4, 6 only


> -----------------------------------
> Pierangelo wrote:
> -----------------------------------

> I would do

 >            ___A___ ___B___ ___C___ ___D___
 >  ---      |       |       |       |       |
 > (HUB) 1-------2-------3-------4-------5   |
 >  ---      |_______|_______|_______|_______|

> and use 2 beam3 (1-3, 3-5).  As I said, the structural and the
aerodynamic models can be decoupled.  p.

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