[MBDyn-users] Placing the middle node of a 3 node beam -> for using AeroDyn

Jens.vanSchelve at Emerson.com Jens.vanSchelve at Emerson.com
Wed Feb 23 15:27:51 CET 2011

Pierangelo wrote:
In my opinion, you should decouple the structural and the aerodynamic
models.  You need to place structural nodes where AeroDyn expects them,
and connect them by beam elements.  The last half aerodynamic patch from
the last node to the blade tip will have no structural modeling, but
that's not an issue, as soon as you model inertia correctly (the
flexibility of the extremity should not be an issue).

Reworking to interface module to pass AeroDyn the average velocity
between two nodes and split the resulting forces accordingly sounds a
bit too intrusive and I do not expect significant improvements from it. 
  I admit it could have been a valid design choice from the beginning,
although more complex than the one we chose.

Cheers, p.

So this option

       ___A___ ___B___ ___C___ 
 ---  |       |       |       | 
(HUB) 1---2-------3-------4---5
 ---  |_______|_______|_______|

But would you suggest (for this example) option
1. Using two beam3 elements (1-3,3-5) with the issue having node 2 at
1/3 of beam I and not in the middle or
2. Using one beam3 element (2-4) and one (or two) beam2 element to
connect node 1 and 2 (maybe, not nessesary 4 and 5)


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