[MBDyn-users] Output time period in *.log

Pierangelo Masarati masarati at aero.polimi.it
Wed Feb 16 18:14:22 CET 2011

Jens.vanSchelve at Emerson.com wrote:
> Giuseppe: The *.out file stores information of EVERY timestep
> ignoring if the data is passed to the output (*.mov, *.jnt...) files.
> So if the simulation itself starts a second x its ok, but not if only
> the output starts at second x.
> Pierangelo: So it would not be possible, too complicated or conflict
> other softwares to add something like "output time: <starttime>
> <endtime>" to the *.log file? -> Considering the fact that "output
> frequency: <frequency>" is already there? Or do you think of some
> other special cases, because of the generec drive caller, that there
> might be several start- and end times? Which would also make the
> standart output files even harder to read.

I think what you ask is nearly impossible because of the generality of 
the drive caller.  In fact, the "output meter" statement has no notion 
of "start time" or "end time"; you could craft the output meter in a 
manner that output only occurs when a velocity passes a given 
threshold...  What should be easy to do is add an

output meter: <drive>

where <drive> is the echo of the drive caller.

> I was also considering the NetCDF output already, but our current
> mbdyn post-processor is based on the standart output files and am not
> quite sure if I find time to implement a MBDyn-NetCDF parser, however
> I already looked into some NetCDF c++ examples and at some point in
> the future I will do this.

In principle, the nice feature of NetCDF output is that you access the 
database using some high-level API; I usually use octave, but there seem 
to be quite a lot of tools that handle it.

Cheers, p.

> Having the start and end time of the
> output in the output files somewhere would just be much quicker to
> implement for now :) It is still not that critical and was just meant
> to reduce the amount of output.

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